Academic Calendar

                 The 1st Term

April        Entrance Ceremony, Opening Ceremony

                                        Guidance for new students

                           May        Mid-term Exams

                                        School Excursion (the 4th-year students)

                          June       Sports Meet

                          July        End-of-term Exams

                                       Closing Ceremony

                      July-August (Summer vacation)

                                       Supplementary Lessons

                 The 2nd Term

                       September   Opening Ceremony

Mini Cultural Festival

                                        Bowling Competition

          @             October     Mid-term Exams

          @            November    Seeing Movies

                        December   End-of-term Exams

Closing Ceremony

                 The 3rd Term

                        January      Opening Ceremony

                       February      Year-end Exams

                                        Farewell Meeting

                        March        Graduation Ceremony

                                        Closing Ceremony